Smart Casual / book

The first Czech book about men's clothing. Loaded with information on dressing, accessories and footwear, full of tips and practical instructions.

A book for every man. More than forty original photos. A valuable publication and the first book on men's clothing, which was created in the Czech-Slovak space.

My passion is men's clothing, they are a natural part of my communication. I missed a book on the Czech market that would help men dress better, look and take into account our environment. So I decided to write it.

You will receive the book with my signature. If you wish to enter a dedication, please write the name of the recipient in the note. The book is in Czech language.

990.00 Kč

The box and the cover of the book are made of very durable textured paper, which is not affected by use. No fingerprints remain on it.

What can you find in the book?

  • 244 pages divided into 21 chapters, 70 illustrations and 40 original photographs
  • introduction by Mr Bernhard Roetzel, author of the legendary "Gentleman"
  • 40 unique casually elegant combinations of clothes, accessories and shoes
  • countless tips, tutorials and recommendations, both easily and practically on Smart Casual

I wish Daniel Šmíd's book in front of you every success.

Bernhard Roetzel, author a publicist

The introductory word to the book was written by Mr Bernhard Roetzel, the author of the bestseller on men's clothing and the True Gentleman style. This gave the book world-class support.

It is clearly a fundamental publication, as no similar book on men's clothing has been published in the Czech Republic so far.

Martin Toman, Backstage Books publishers

An elegant book for men who want to look better. Clear, readable and pleasantly written ´bible´ of clever dressing.

Martin Stehlik, graphic designer and illustrator

I wrote the book for almost a year and wrote countless tips, instructions and recommendations on how and which clothes to buy and which to leave hanging in stores. 

Presenting instructions on where to buy clothes outside regular stores and what to look for. In addition to the twenty-one chapters, it also contains two tests and two appendices.