Planet ETK-017 / book

How to pass on appropriate and less appropriate behavior to children? How about a sci-fi fairy tale?

For hundreds of years to come, life on our planet is gloomy and gray. Decent behavior has disappeared and people no longer respect each other or nature. The country is withering, and the only hope for salvation is the Code, which will show everyone how to treat each other. But the Code is not on our planet.

Eight-year-old Helenka and her brother Viktor set out on a secret mission into deep space to bring the Code. But their path is not easy.

During the flight of the giant robot, Helenka decides to write everything that is on Earth, during the journey and on the hitherto unknown planet. He writes his travels in child-friendly language.

There are dozens of situations in the story that describe in a non-violent way, what behavior is appropriate and what less.

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299.00 Kč

At a time when the main characters are flying in space calm, Helenka begins to write her diary. About how they live in closed Housing Estates and about the people who rule them cruelly. She describes the situation, how she recognized her unusual abilities and how they got them into space with their brother in a giant talking robot. The book is a diary of adventure, courage and friendship. 

Go with two little heroes for the secrets of outer space in search of instructions on how to save the Earth.

In the adventure story, there are ideas on how to treat people better. In addition to the exciting story, the book is a guide to a happier life. He advises how to be a better friend at school, at home and abroad.

Your book is a reminder to me that I can constantly improve something on my behavior. It's funny, it doesn't teach ants, but it explains nicely. I've always tried to make the people around me well, and this book can help me with that.


This book is definitely not just for children. It also hides messages for adults, how children perceive the world and what is important to them.


I really enjoyed the book. It amused me, drew me into the story, and only after a while did I realize that it also contained lessons about etiquette. This text fit so beautifully into the final text that it did not disturb me at all during the reading and fit right there. The fact that I would not recommend the book only to younger readers was also very positive for me. I think it's an overlapping book where everyone can find their own and learn more about etiquette. 

Even the central heroes were properly human, and we had no problem living with them. The plot of the story is such an imaginary raised finger, where the world can reach when "our" powerful is only about power and not about the people and the world around us. But on the other hand, the plot of the story leads to the fact that it is never so bad that we have to give up everything and not try. Although it often takes a lot of time and considerable adventure.