"The experience of others

can be an inspiration to you."

Michal Andraško

Sales director / Asecco Solution

"His presentation, performance and ability to pass on information is incredible, the demonstrations will help you to master these habits. You will wish the lecture is not over yet, because you will not have enough. "

Tomáš Novotný

HR director / PBS Velká Bíteš

"All members of the top management acknowledged the lecture, interesting content and presentation. The lecturer is passionate about this area and can convey it to the listeners in a funny, interesting way."

Martina Bartošíková

HR specialist / Ray Servis a.s.

"Thank you for a very beneficial and stimulating lecture. Colleagues really enjoyed the lecture. They especially appreciated your excellent presentation enriched with a reasonable dose of wit."

Jana Suchá

Sales Manager / x-bionic® sphere

"You will take a lot of the training not only into the work sphere, but also into everyday life. On behalf of the company, I would like to thank Daniel very much for his professionalism and sophistication."

Pavel Puff

HR director / ČEZ a.s.

"Your presentation was very interesting and a bit provocative in that one should at least think about one's habitual behavior and ways."

Vladimír Polášek, jr.

General director / VITAR, s.r.o.

"Daniel, we also enjoyed the seminar a lot and got a lot of good things. As I have already mentioned to you personally, I perceive a really great benefit. "

Jitka Ševčíková

Lecturer and coach / Hladina alfa

"Daniel is an excellent lecturer in etiquette, correct behavior and the impact of clothing on business success. I highly recommend his seminars."

Eva Frühwirtová

Lecturer / efcomm.cz

"In a simple and attractive way, Daniel shows that dressing, dining and social behavior are not science, but human nature."

Radek Čížek

Regional director / ČSOB insurance Co.

"Your lecture was a great benefit for our company. The atmosphere was very friendly, the presentation was concise and funny .. "

Jiří Šimek

Director / Pražská plynárenská a.s.

"I am very grateful to you for your workshop. When I saw my colleagues accepting the idea of such a topic with a slight reluctance or resentment, we finally talked about you and your thoughts for the rest of the evening."

Alexander Jakubčo

Teacher / Teach for Slovakia

"With his kind and humane approach, he introduced children to the issue of forming correct relationships between people. It radiates enthusiasm for working with people, which makes it exceptional. "

Miroslav Vejpustek

Team Manager / MONETA

"I very much welcome your personal goal and vision - to improve the behavior and dressing of people in the Czech Republic, and I wish you good luck in fulfilling this vision. I wish you only the best "

Tereza Buschová

Manager / TwinArt s.r.o.

"The lecture will 'dust off' things you know, but it will also answer a lot of questions and innocence of good manners."

Lenka Břoušková

CEO / Manela

"I wanted to know the opinions not only of my colleagues from work, but also colleagues from the club of businesswomen. Everyone agreed that it was a great evening with your lecture. "

Juraj Gabrhel

CEO / e-Learn Media s.r.o.

"Daniel, you helped to create a unique atmosphere, which is one of the assets that participants praise the most in the questionnaires."

Jana Kutínová

HR Manager / SSI Schäffer s.r.o.

"Although you had a difficult starting position, namely to present after dinner, after an all-day program, you kept my attention from start to finish."

Jiří Pinkas

Director / OHK Vyškov

"Thank you for your lecture. From my point of view, definitely satisfaction. I will report to colleagues from other districts about the possibility of inviting you."

Pavel Jurčík

Sales professional / Efaflex

"I talked to my friends about the seminar and recommended it. I think etiquette and generally polite behavior and everything that goes with it are important."

Monika Joska

HR Manager / eBRANA

"I would like to thank you very much for an amazing experience. It is not easy to satisfy our audience and you have achieved it 100%. You were amazing, people had fun.“

Kamila Zárychtová

Manager / Business for Breakfast

"Daniel Šmíd is a man with whom I have a very good business relationship. He is reliable and I really appreciate his fair, professional and ethical approach in business activities."

Martin Gargulák

CEO / A1 mobil s.r.o.

"Well-prepared, interactive training, conceived in a fun way and with an excellent result."

"It is also easy for you to increase the level of corporate culture."

Modern etiquette courses have improved the lives of more than 7,000 individuals and hundreds of companies. Get guides that will help your company's popularity with customers.

Some of the companies that have already passed my courses:

"Definitely a very successful, engaging, well-thought-out lecture, suitably connected with a photo-presentation, with a lot of new information for us."

Ing. Bohuslav Vaňous, VAK a.s. 

"A lecture given in an entertaining way, which in many ways brought new and surprising information and involved perhaps everyone present." 

Jana Ondruchová, Wittmann Battenfeld CZ spol. s r.o. 

"I would like to thank you and your wife Monica once again for yesterday's workshop for our sales team and for the experience dinner. Back after that, I received many very positive feedback from the participants of the dinner."

Marie Mošová, HARTMANN-RICO a.s.

"The training was on a professional level, I really liked the practical examples. The lecturer's explanation of the topic was excellent with a clear concept. Pleasant demeanor and communication." 

Josef Chalupa, Beznoska s.r.o.

"Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday, which was very interesting for our employees. If we chose a topic related to etiquette for next year, I would be very happy if we could contact you again."

Daniela Chudobová, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

"A very interesting lecture on etiquette and a general view of the relationship between people and polite behavior that will make our lives more enjoyable. Mr. Daniel Šmíd is definitely a professional in his field with an excellent level of communication, which he also presents with humor and ease."

David Ehlert, Multitrans s.r.o.

"I evaluate the workshop very positively and I would definitely recommend you. The lecture was conceived in an interesting and funny way. I think you interested everyone involved."

Ondřej Pošmourný, Wittmann Battenfeld CZ spol. s r.o. 

"Thank you very much for bringing at the end of the festival a topic that most participants welcomed, they write to us with satisfaction."

Jana Špačková, KAMBA z.ú.

"Dear Mr. Šmíd, thank you once again for a very pleasant and efficient time spent with social etiquette in Čeladná."

David Kutý, Ostravské vodovody a kanalizace a.s.

"Very interesting lecture with a very interesting person, I can highly recommend."

Jiří Bujnovský, Multitrans s.r.o.

"Thank you for today's stimulating and beneficial seminar on dressing. I support you in your decision to spread the lack of awareness in this regard and I wish a lot of satisfied and" enlightened "participants. I got answers to all my questions and left with a lot of new ideas and bigger I believe that I will put the theory into practice. I wish a lot of other satisfied participants and corrected sinners."

David H. anonymous workshop participant