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Positive first impression

Make a good first impression with seven simple "tools". Take advantage of the psychology of clothing colors and the phenomena of nonverbal communication whether you are a woman or a man. Begin to build a friendly and interesting relationship already from the first second.

Course in Czech language

Etiquette and manners

Learn how to deal with people properly, gain confidence in the behavior in a personal meeting and in society. Learn the tips and advice of modern etiquette, which you can immediately use in practice. Also suitable for couples.

Course in Czech language

He is not a knight without a lady

Special etiquette course for women only. You will learn how to behave elegantly and naturally in society, how to impress with behavior and style, and how to become a real, healthy, confident lady.

Course in Czech language

Wise wardrobe of a woman

Learn to dress better. Communicate your personal values and self-confidence through clothing. You will learn how to create an easily combinable, economical and clear wardrobe. Become a woman who feels and looks good.

Course in Czech language

Home etiquette

A course full of questions and answers. Do you behave appropriately in the family and on a visit? Make sure your past home habits are acceptable to all members of your current family. Get ideas on how your behavior at home affects your children's behavior.

Course in Czech language

How to start the conversation

Gain a healthy self-confidence, make new friends and life partners. Nervousness and fear spoiled many attempts. Learn an easy way to speak to a stranger, and hold a conversation to a future of friendship and relationship.

Course in Czech language

Sunday lunch with etiquette for children

I will teach children how to know cutlery, how to eat insidious food safely and how to keep sitting. Give them another edge and the unique experience of Sunday lunch with an extra portion of etiquette. And a gift and certificate too.

Course in Czech language

Table etiquette - experience dinner

I will provide you with certainty for candlelight dinners and business lunches. I will teach you to "walk" in the rooms equipped with silver spoons. No more panic. You will learn the laws of service, choose a suitable cutlery, eat fidgety food and help to sit the lady to the table.

Course in Czech language

(re)qualification course

Smart Casual for stylists and proffesionals

Use the holidays for the personal development of your profession. Four full-day interactive workshops for stylists. Improve yourself in an attractive field and get a certified education. Types of characters, materials and cuts. History, context, hundreds of tips and tutorials. Practical styling on mannequins. Finished with a certification exam.

Course in Czech language

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