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Business etiquette from practice

You will learn how to deal with customers and business partners at the highest level. Behavior, actions and behavior is your business card. You will learn to build lasting and fair business relationships on which good business stands. Your employees will use business etiquette in the office, at business lunches and at meetings. The one who is one step ahead is successful, so be the one who demands the course of business etiquette from practice today.

Course in Czech language

Business Casual clothing for women

Tell your clothes who you are. A confident professional who feels great in her role. Learn to communicate your personal values through clothing. You will learn how to create an easily combinable, economical and clear wardrobe for work. You will become a woman who feels and looks great. You will dress much better, you will know exactly what to combine with something and it will no longer happen to you that you will not know what to wear.

Course in Czech language

Business rhetoric and communication

Talk to clients and engage them. Be creative, be confident, be prepared to ask appropriate questions. Take every opportunity for business partners to look forward to talking to you, and you have never disappointed them with a boring monologue. Remember that you gain more personal sympathy than pressure on the customer. We will introduce you to an easy way to reach a potential client and how to have a successful conversation that will lead to further cooperation and new orders. Acquire modern business rhetoric, it will definitely pay off for you.

Course in Czech language

Friendly first impression

You can win at the beginning. Don't you believe? The first impression makes a lot and often decides. Learn to make a great first impression with seven simple "weapons". Take advantage of non-verbal communication, clothing psychology and your own sympathy. Start building a successful business relationship from the first second. You only have one chance to make a positive first impression. We will tell you in a lecture or interactive workshop how to seize the opportunity of the first moments and turn it into a success.

Course in Czech language

Fantastic presentation skills

Gain confidence in presentations, act prudently and discover a calm, fun and fascinating speaker. Present confidently and easily to customers, investors or meetings in front of colleagues. You will get practical tips and instructions on how to attach listeners to your speech. You will learn how to get rid of fear and prepare perfectly for the audience. With peace and joy.

Course in Czech language

Business Casual clothing for men

How to fill in a dress code while feeling good? You will learn what is the essence of a comfortable, nice and functional wardrobe. You will learn to dress individually, yet elegantly and according to the rules that the situation demands. You will get the key to knowledge of how to ensure an all-day feeling of comfort in clothing, you will know which basic pieces must not be missing in your wardrobe, and how to easily create other elegant variants from them. In addition, we will tell you how you can be sure that what you are wearing really suits you.

Course in Czech language

New social etiquette 

Do you want to impress with your behavior in a personal meeting, on a visit, in a cafe or with friends at leisure? Refresh your knowledge and look into modern social etiquette, which you can immediately apply and use in practice. You will be able to behave well in the company, send signals that you are a partner at the level and work or make friends with you is a real pleasure.

Course in Czech language

Table manners - experience dinner

Do you know how to properly eat soup dumplings, loose side dishes, sandwiches, or your favorite spaghetti? You may be surprised that it's completely different than you think. Do you know what white cloth napkins are used for and how they are used? 

Come to the experience dinner and learn in practice how to choose the right cutlery, how to hold it properly, how to place a lady at the table, how to eat the food that you previously thought you could eat properly. Become a gallant companion or lady who will not be surprised by anything at the table. We will teach you to "walk" in an environment of silver cutlery, you will be able to accept invitations to the best restaurants, you will shine at company events, festivities and personal meetings that you really care about.

Course in Czech language

"Spice up your conference, corporate event or management meeting with short interactive lectures."

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