"Do you encounter

this phenomena also in your company?"

Don't they always know how to behave properly?

Solution: You will learn to deal with customers and business partners correctly. It's a part of your brand. You will build the correct business style and teach it to your employees. You can use business etiquette in the office, at business lunches and meetings. Avoid embarrassing situations and ask for a course in business etiquette.

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They don't know what to wear every day?

Solution: Communicate your personal values and self-confidence through clothing. You will learn how to create an easily combinable, economical and clear wardrobe for work. You will become a woman who feels and looks good. You will learn to dress much better according to dozens of practical ideas and advice in the Business Casual workshop for women.

Course in Czech language

They can't have a good conversation with a client?

Solution: Gain healthy self-confidence, new clients and orders. Instead of presenting the offer, learn to ask appropriate questions. The pressure on the customer has already ruined many cooperation. You will learn an easy way to reach a potential client and conduct a conversation for future collaboration and orders. Train business rhetoric.

Course in Czech language

Do they have uncertainty at the first contact?

Solution: Make a good first impression with seven simple "weapons". Take advantage of non-verbal communication, clothing psychology and your own sympathy. Start building a successful business relationship from the first seconds. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. The instructions are in an interactive workshop on this topic.

Course in Czech language

Are they nervous and afraid to lecture?

Solution: Gain confidence to present to customers, investors or meetings in front of colleagues. Perform with caution and discover a calm, fun and fascinating speaker. You will learn to get rid of fear and prepare perfectly. Boredom and nervousness have already "killed" many presentations. Calmly in front of the audience.

Course in Czech language

Don't they follow the dress code and make excuses?

Solution: What to wear is the latest information. The important thing is "how" and "why". You will understand the essence of comfortable, nice and functional clothing. You will learn to dress individually, yet elegantly and according to the rules required by the employer. Make sure that what you are wearing fits you.

Course in Czech language

It is for them to participate in the events of suffering?

Solution: You will learn how to deal with people properly, impress with behavior the personal meeting and move around in society. During a personal visit, in a cafe or with friends at leisure. You will learn the tips of current etiquette, which you can immediately apply and use in practice. You will refresh your modern social etiquette. 

Course in Czech language

They smack while eating and talking with his mouth full?

Solution: Practical workshop at an experience dinner. You will gain confidence in choosing a suitable cutlery, you will learn to hold it correctly and settle the lady at the table. You will be assured of corporate dinners and business lunches. You will learn to "walk" in a classy restaurants. No more panic. Boldly to the top restaurants accompanied by etiquette.

Course in Czech language

"Spice up your conference, corporate event or management meeting with short interactive lectures."

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