"Usnadněte si rozhodování

a vyberte si svou vlastní cestu."

They wrote about attending my courses

Radka Pekelská

HR director / MONETA money bank

"Your expertise, passion for what you do, the art of providing honest feedback and a sense of humor were the main components of your very professional lecture."

Milan Starý

Ředitel HR a komunikace / ERA a.s.

"A high-quality interactive workshop that will capture the good at first and will not let the participants succumb to disinterest or boredom for a moment."

Petra Brodecká

Financial director / VITAR s.r.o.

"I liked specific tips, precise opinions, but also the opportunity to discuss what we are dealing with in our practice. Nothing can be said about the lecturer but that he simply has to experience it in person."

Iva Bejčková

Manažerka / MONETA money bank

"Daniel, I must say that your workshops have left deep experiences in many of us. Many colleagues have come to thank me for the workshop with you. They were thrilled."