"Look and soak up

the atmosphere of the courses. Listen to the interviews."

A four-course deluxe dinner in one of the best restaurant in the city requires perfect dining. Get it interactive, fun and with lots of comments on the food, drinks and situations served.                     

Even ordinary telephony and online communication have their rules of etiquette. Discover the principles of gentlemanship. Don't make mistakes. I will teach you to be modern and true even online.

I was honored to speak at the Glorious business conference. I've shown hundreds of eyes how important demeanor, behavior, and etiquette are to them. Thank you for the space and applause.

Business etiquette goes hand in hand with a human approach to clients and customers. Take a look at the workshop with practical examples that will give you an edge over the competition.

Clothing expresses our respect for others. Do you know these simple expressions of affection? I will explain to you why these principles are still relevant and why suitable clothing is valued.

When visiting the theater, I notice a few missteps that people make impossible. Listen to what they are so that you don't run into them either. You can handle your next visit to the theater with grace.

Children can learn to eat properly. See how they can handle spaghetti and pancakes with nobility. Give your children an experience they will talk about for a long time.

Sometimes it's best to help by not helping at all. If you suffer from feelings of insecurity in the presence of the disabled and do not know how to treat them properly, listen to the interview.

A real challenge. Twenty slides, each for twenty seconds. About the relationship to women, beauty,  uniqueness and style. Listen to an unconventional presentation from PechaKucha Night.

"I can adapt all courses to your needs and wishes. Contact me and we will arrange it."