"Who I am and why

do I promote and admire cultivated communication?"

Daniel Smid is a promoter of gentlemanship. In his conception, this means not only a perfectly groomed appearance, but also a sense of courtesy. Among men who indulge in sweatpants and embellish their vocabulary with the filling word "f**k", they seem like a revelation.

He got to the clothes with a detour: through the profession of a businessman who traveled a third of the world and the secretary of sector councils. He has been working as a style and etiquette teacher since 2008, and has been working exclusively on men's clothing for the last nine years.

Last year, his book Smart Casual was published, which helps men with clothes for their leisure and work. In 2021, he followed her up with a slightly controversial book about behavior at home - Etiquette at home.

Daniel Smid, lecturer and mentor

freelance publicist and book author

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"I am pleased when people achieve goals and enjoy work, relationships and life through good behavior."

As one of the few in the Czech Republic, I educate the public and professionals. Managers, salespeople and employees. I give lectures at important conferences. At primary and secondary schools and universities, I lead the Courtesy of Schools project. I wrote a book about behavior for children. I am the author of the first Czech book on men's clothing. I regularly write articles for lifestyle magazines. On television, radio and in the press, I get the opportunity to comment on events in the field of etiquette and clothing.


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I connected my face with some Czech tailors. I strongly perceive the need for a sustainable wardrobe as a counterpoint to fast fashion and mass production and consumption. I promote the path of a wise wardrobe and quality clothing from local production.

In my previous professional life, I held many business and management positions. Today, I build my courses and trainings on this experience. I addressed customers in German-speaking countries. As an export manager, I laid the foundations of business affiliates of engineering companies in more than 40 countries around the world. I was behind the victory in the regional competition Self-employed Person of 2010. As a secretary, I gained experience in negotiating in high positions in state organizations.

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