"Connect with us,

write us an e-mail or call."

Monika Šmíd

project manager

"I will make sure that everything is ready for you in detail, I will ensure smooth communication with you."

+420 739 510 906 monika@danielsmid.cz 

Romana Antonínová

event manager

"I will make sure that you feel good at our events and that everything works according to your wishes."

+420 724 323 672 romana@danielsmid.cz 

Daniel Šmíd

lecturer of etiquette and dressing

"You will learn how to deal with people, build personal and corporate relationships and express respect with clothing."

+420 602 573 739 daniel@danielsmid.cz

Daniel Šmíd s.r.o.

Fryčajova 698/29

614 00 Brno

+420 602 573 739


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Daniel Šmíd s.r.o.

Jánská 11, 602 00 Brno

IČO 29309361  DIČ CZ29309361