Business Etiquette in Practice

A gentleman or a lady in the eyes of customers

Who greets first, the customer or the supplier? Who pays for business lunch? Is it rude to refuse the snacks offered or to sit down without being invited? As a woman, how do you respond when somebody addresses you by your first name?

Common situations in offices, business meetings as well as while having lunch are full of etiquette rules. And you are going to learn to control them properly.

We are going to discuss:

  • respect, esteem, empathy, and tact in relationships with customers
  • correct and clear electronic correspondence, how to write a business e-mail correctly 
  • when and how to make an extraordinary phone call
  • introducing yourself, business cards, gifts, and behaviour in meeting rooms 
  • business lunch in a restaurant or café, corporate events
  • ...and dozens of other situations of modern business etiquette

The course contains the following topics:

  • How to build an attractive relationship with customers through your behaviour.
  • Most common pitfalls of social behaviour in a business meeting.
  • How to introduce yourself and your company well in seconds.
  • Business protocol and design of business meetings, handshake and business cards.
  • Introduction, addressing, ranks, and titles. What about positions in a company?
  • Gifts, promotional items and (non-)gifts. And how to hand them over.
  • Modern etiquette at events, banquets, and corporate events.

This course will be presented in the English language. For Czech and German courses visit this site.

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