The world of etiquette

An internationally recognized way to better understand social skills in business situations and company relationships.

How to gain self-confidence, be more successful and a better man

A book that supports men on the way to a good life and shows where the beauty of the everyday can be found everywhere. My personal experiences, bitter and smiling lessons.

Get a head start by knowing what to do and say

Lectures of etiquette and communication

Etiquette is about feeling at ease, and putting others at ease, in a variety of social situations. Good manners are attractive and empowering, removing anxiety and minimising social difficulties or awkwardness. 

Secrets of the admired people of the planet

Personal mentoring with a free first meeting

Attract others to you with your behavior and clothing. Gain the deep respect of others and the appreciation of your friends. Use the right response in your relationships, demeanor and your dressing.

Become a more attractive company in your industry

Workshops about relations with clients and in offices

I support you all over the country, be attractive to your clients and colleagues. Let the company culture speak for you and gain an interesting competitive advantage.

Treat yourself to more confidence when dining

Table etiquette courses for adults and children in Prague and Brno

I will give you the assurance of a candlelight dinner and a working lunch. You will get a feel for the situation at regular business lunches as well as dining at home with children. You will learn to "walk" even in grand restaurants.

Listen to trusted information

A podcast about men's clothing, shoes and accessories

Three times a month a new episode about men's dressing, their shoes and everything related to it. Shopping tips, care instructions and connections from the history. You can find it on all common podcast apps.

in Czech language

Achieve the benefits of meeting you for the first time

Online lectures on manners, etiquette and style

Save your time, if you don't want to go anywhere. Enter my course comfortably from the office or your chair. Get access to educational videos or connect to the webinar.

"Let's start with a non-binding meeting,

in person or on-line. Are you interested in company courses or individual mentoring? I will advise you what to focus on."

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