I talk and write about behavior and clothes

Trainings, courses and seminars for companies and the public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Podcast about men's clothing

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Every week a new episode about men's clothes, their shoes and accessories. A trusted source of information directly into your ears.

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Courses for the public

In Prague or Brno

Interactive workshops and seminars in a modern space. Attractive themes for your personal growth throughout whole the year. Safe rooms, refreshments and drinking regime.

Individual mentoring

The first meeting for free

Get a deep respect from others and appreciation  of your friends. Attract them to you with your own behavior and clothing. Gain healthy confidence in acting and in your clothes.

On-line courses and webinars

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If you don't want to go anywhere, save your time. Enter my course comfortably from the chair. Get access to educational videos or connect to the webinar.

Workshops in your company

I support you

Become a more attractive company in the field, be desirable for your clients and co-workers. Let the corporate culture speak for you.

"Let's start with a non-binding meeting,

in person or on-line. Are you interested in company courses or individual mentoring? I will advise you what to focus on."

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